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Monday, February 12, 2007

Till we meet again....

It’s been “some time” since I’ve blog. A lot of things have cropped up these weeks. The month of January was filled with proposals for PBL Symposium, tying up Open House event, trying my best to accumulate all the CE points, my belated 18th birthday, trying to come up with my own blog code and many more. In a jiffy, January has ended and now we’re in the middle of February. Really, how time “flies”. Day by day, class is getting less attendance and we all know the reason.

The holidays are just around the corner; tomorrow in fact. The class is disintegrating and we are going different directions. Thinking back old times, I’m grateful to know W25J. The different people I met make my life more interesting. The fact is, meeting new people keeps me alive. Ever wonder if you only have a set of friends? Won’t that be boring? Just imagine, Aidi is always there when you are in need of a friend? Isn’t that great? Lolx.

These two paragraphs is dedicated to my dear class W25J. Rewinding back to the second day of class (I didn’t come for the first day of school; Poly Forum commitment) I was known as the “facilitator” A person who came to class at 8.30am on the dot wearing white RP polo t-shirt and lanyard. To top it off, I was wearing a green lanyard. Seems familiar? I was there at the door, head peaking in and I asked, “Is this W25J?” The response? “Yea” That’s all. These are the people who I grown to know very well.

Working as a team in this class without bickering is a first for me. In W25J, the atmosphere and surrounding is the perfect place to learn, the good and the bad. The Outings for the class is a memorable one for me. We went to the zoo, feed the kangaroos, “talking to the lions”, Siloso beach day and many others. We were a bunch of crazy students showing our humorous antics. We are already given the title young adults, but sometimes the child in us takes over our body; especially for me. I love to mix and mingle with them, and I thank them for making me part of the family.

Lastly, I’m here to wish all of you best of luck for year 2 and happy working for those who are earning money during the holidays. Do keep in touch and mix and mingle as we always do. I have just one request,



Aidi Sabari



Ps: I love you all !!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

2nd person charge; Wi-fi “mooching” to make “Bomb hoax”

I was reading the newspaper today and read that a 2nd person has been charged. He was alleged of using his neighbor’s unsecured wireless network to post a “bomb hoax” online. Last year, it was a 17 years old Polytechnic student who was caught. It created a buzz among the enthusiasts in IT and Newspaper forum. I read with amusement about these entries.

If I can remember correctly, there were many entries raising doubts and applauding the Government’s effort to tackle the problem. A person shared his views. I sum up his post as follows,

“An unsecured wireless network can be compared as a house without closing their doors. The owner has the responsibility to safeguard their own house for an obvious reason; preventing break-ins. If their house is broken in, it's the owner’s fault.”

The others who approved the Government actions gave interesting response. A person talked about being “barred from his own network”

“He was a lazy person who didn’t care about securing his wireless network. As days gone by, he noticed that his computer access to the internet got slower as his bandwidth was used up by unauthorized people. He was shocked to find his own network “secured” after weeks gone by. He was puzzled as who had the authority to change his password. “

Another person talked about “common sense”

“No matter how a house is locked or not, it’s “common sense” that walking in a strangers house without their consent is consider breaking in. This people who enter houses can either be good or bad guys. A good guy may do no harm to the house but imagine what the bad guy can do. He can steal all the valuables without anybody knowing. In putting context of a wireless network, a person can download music illegally, download pornography, and hack into another persons’ website and many more.”

His entry actually came into a reality with today’s news. It seems that a guy has entered an unsecured wireless network and posted a bomb hoax in popular IT forum site; hardwarezone.com. Forum goers reported the incident to the police and police conducted their search. The first thing that they did was confiscating the person who gave the free network; not the culprit. It was after thorough investigation then he was nabbed and charged.

I guess I have understood the reason behind charges against wi-fi “mooching”. However, I still have doubts on one part; a person can be charged to a minimum of 3 years jail. I read from an interesting political cartoon which mentioned this;

2 people were talking to each other talking about the mooching buzz. One mentioned about the difference of jail time spent of cat killer and wi-fi mooching person. “Cat killer spent 1 year’s jail while mooching person spent 3 years jail. Which action do you think is much more severe? Killing cats or free surfing? Then the second person mentioned, “It’s the ga-ber-ment law lor.”


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Solution to your ear problem

Do you have that bad habit of sticking your pinky finger in your ear? Trying your best to get the hard sticky brown wax out? Are you scared of damaging your ear drum with those q-tip pins?

There’s a solution found in... JAPAN!

An ear scratcher with an elephant design helps you to dig out that ear wax. It is an accessory that you can put with your handphone too. The tip of it is slightly curled, getting around those “hard to reach areas”

You’ll get more satisfaction with this accessory rather than those conventional ear scratchers! Enjoy!

Via tokyomanga.com


Sunday, December 31, 2006

Prized Arowana dead

I came back from prayers today and got a rude shock. My dad’s prized Arowana was found in a small green bucket in the back toilet. It was all curled up and its eyes were protruding out.

It must have “jumped” out of my dad’s 4 feet tank. This is the forth time and this time it’s not lucky as before. Previously, it’s either one of my family member who would try to catch the heavy fish and put it back where it “rightfully belongs; in a tank.”

The “pet” of the house was 2 years old when it “left us”. It was my dad’s favourite fish of all in the tank. It grew from a size of my thumb to a size that is 1.5 times of my 14.1 inch laptop screen.

Goodbye prized Arowana. Peace out.


Friday, December 29, 2006

A feel of Vista in XP?

We do know that Windows Vista OS (Operating System) will be out early next year. We had to endure for almost 5 years for a new OS to replace Windows XP. Adding to that, the current Office 2003 will be replaced by Office 2007 with its new friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) idea.

There are some bright students out there who had painstakingly devised a “pack” for Windows XP users to have a “feel” of Windows Vista in their PC or laptops. They had changed the GUI to a feel that is very close to the new OS. It’s amazing what these people can do!

VTP (Vista Transformation Pack) 6.0. That’s what these students have come up with. If you’d like a feel of Vista, you can download it here

I've downloaded an older version VTP 5.5 and I must say that I'm impressed with the work these people did. The Start, Log off, shutdown and many more other icons are changed.

Precaution: Download with care as this “pack” is not supported by Windows personal or have got anything to do with them. Read the instructions carefully before pressing “next” button.

Have fun!

My Vista GUI

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Adblock Plus

I’ve found a neat add-on tool in Mozilla Firefox while watching some videos on youtube.com. It’s called “Adblock Plus”. A pretty handy tool if you hate those advertisements that keeps popping out everywhere in a page. It seems that every ad will blink and glitter using those nifty Flash software. It gives you a headache sometimes don’t you agree? Ever wonder how you could block all those nonsense?

Now there’s a way to block them! This “Adblock Plus” add-on tool will rid all of it without any extra cost! That’s not all! With all of these gone, your page will load faster than before; how wonderful is that?

We have to thank Firefox and the creator of this awesome add-on tool for their stupendous creation. We now have a say whether we want those ads or not.

I’ll give you a sneak peak into what’s in store for you!

Look at the dark-red squares that I’ve done. Have fun!

youtube.com (ads)

youtube.com (no-ads)

myspace.com (ads)

myspace.com (no-ads)

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Photoshop CS2 - Tutorial 1

I decided to increase my Photoshop CS2 skills by reading up tutorials. I scoured the internet for the best sites to learn from. There were many sites to choose from and I was spoilt for choice. I landed on one awesome website that had thousands of tutorials.

I decided to learn on a particular interesting tutorial. It’s a tutorial turning normal scenic/overhead pictures into a model/toy-like picture.

Enough said. Enjoy this few pictures that I have “tweaked”

A train track

Toy train track

A(n) European House

My mini-European house

Photoshop CS2 is a powerful tool that can make things happen. It seems that I don’t have to be a professional photographer to learn a simple trick. A simple tweak here and there will make obvious changes to a picture.

There’s Photoshop CS3 coming up and I can’t wait what’s in store!